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[06 Nov 2008|11:29am]
I was really uphappy with this username, so I made a new one. thinkthistime 
So addd me there if you'd like. I'm going to make a much bigger effort to update.
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concerrttttt [26 Jun 2006|03:37pm]
So last night was the Hit The Lights, Halifax, Anberlin, and Hawthorne Heights concert.
I only really went for Anberlin.. and kind of Halifax. I was pretty effing excited... even though i already met Anberlin twice, and i have the whole band's autograph, hehe. I don't know. I just love concerts. And Anberlin is one of my favorite bands. i do have one complaint about them, though. Not ONCE other than at Purple Door, have i heard or read them saying anything about being Christian. It really bothers me... =\ But blah, whatever. It was a great concert. I never head of Hit the Lights, but they were pretty good. I wasnt happy with Halifax's live performance... they sound better not live. And Anberlin had technical difficulties, so you could hardly hear him since. But by the time Halifax got on, i was about 6 people from the front. Then when Anberlin played, there were only two people in front of me. And it was great becuase when i saw Anberlin before, there was just one person in front of me, and i was so much closer to them last night. I love small places. =) the lead singer touched me... that would have been so much cooler if i hadnt met them twice before and got hugs and stuff before last night. And he definitely pointed right at me when he said "i see some people up here are singing along" . That made me really happy becuase i was singing my heart out.
Yea, so by the time Anberlin was over, i was BEAT. I had way too many people fall on me from croud surfing, too many people squish me, and too many freaking slut chicks try to push through me so that they were at the front for their beloved Hawthorne Heights. I decided to leave the front and go back to Charles and Mike. That was then they made me aware of the fact that i was SOAKED with sweat. I mean, i knew i was sweating like crazy, but i didn't realizse that my shirt was completely drenched, and so were my denim shorts. It looked like i just got out of a pool. It was crazy. And on top of it, my fingers were wrinkly!! haha. it was great. The only time i got even close to that wet my other people's sweat and my own was the Casulalties Concert. haha. Woo. <3 I love concerts. So we stood in the huge line of people to get out of that stupid place. Apparentelly a lot of people dint go to see hawthorn heights, lol. When we got ot the diner, i had to change into a new shirt i bought, and my work pants from earlier that day (i left right from work to go to the show) because i was so wet. So mike bought my food and it sucked. And then we left and i slept on the way home. =)

I really have to thank Brittany Shoop.. cuz if it werent for her, i wouldnt have gone last night. I didn't even know about it because I'm a freaking loser, lol.

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[12 Mar 2006|09:16pm]
there's a bunch of people i really miss talking to and/or being around...
some more so than others....
and it breaks my hearts.
(this list is in no partiular order)

Kelly Khaos
Jess Feldish

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[22 Jan 2006|09:39pm]
So I figured out what Mike was gonna get me for Valentine's day: A Promise Ring.
Except, I talked him out of it as soon as he confirmed it.

When I first told him that I figured it out, he was so upset.
He looked like he was gonna cry.
He said that he really wanted to get it for me and he wanted it to be a surprise.
And part of the reason he wanted to get it on Valentine's Day was to make it extra extra special for me this year, seeing as this would be the first Valentine's Day I've had with a boyfriend.
He's so sweet sometimes.

But yea. I talked him out of it.
He said he was going to save up his paychecks till Valentine's Day, and by then he'd have about 400 dollars... and that he was going to spend 300-some on it.
There's no way I would allow him to spend that much money on me for Valentine's Day!!
That's ridiculous! lol.
And I also told him that if he insists on getting me a Promise Ring, he should wait until a little longer before he does that.

But... I just can't believe he was going to do that. I mean, when he confirmed that it was a Promise Ring... I almost fell over. I couldn't believe that he was that serious about us. I mean, in two days it'll be NINE months... but still... I cant believe someone cares about me this much......
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[04 Dec 2005|08:08pm]
work was horrible yesterday. I worked 8 hours.
It was so freaking busy, and it was so frustrating.
I had to give 4 different refunds. I freaking suck.
This one elderly lady who always come in with her husband passed out right as I was turning around to get her drinks. I heard her head smack SO hard on the ground. The sound was just HORRIBLE. I turned around and everyone standing in line (I was the only open register) which filled up about half of the lobby was looking down and the lady wasn't standing there. Then a woman in line said frantically "She passed out! Someone call the ambulance!!" So the girl I was working with called for the manager and she called the ambulance. While she was still on the phone with them, the lady was conscious again and she sat up and said she was fine and asked the manager to tell them not to come. But by then, she was already off the phone. A few minutes later the ambulance came. We felt so bad because the lady was so sweet and she didn't want them to come and it was sad. But we had to call them to make sure she was okay. Blah. But yea. I work 8 hours again tomorrow. And I gotta do breakfast because I work from 8 AM to 4 PM. And I've never done breakfast before. It's gonna suck. :( And my legs hurt. =\
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